2016 NWWaGIS Meetings

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Dec. 16, 2016 – Lummi Tribal Administrative Center (Whatcom County)

 Agenda –    Map (2665 Kwina Rd.)     –     Google

  • Arnab Bhowmick (Aakavs Consulting)
    Drones in GIS-based Asset Management
  • Jefferson Emm (WWU Graduate Student)
    Mapping Eelgrass (Zostera Marina) Habitat in Fidalgo Bay, WA, Using an Unmanned Aerial System
  • David Wallin (WWU Huxley Faculty)
    Use of Small Unmanned Aircraft for Mapping Floodplain Dynamics and Riparian Vegetation
  • Neil Shea (Tulalip Tribes)
    Using Drones to Monitor Watershed Restoration


Sept. 16, 2016 – Snohomish County Campus, Everett 

 Agenda / Directions    –    Map     –     Google

  • Nate Herold (NOAA)
    Moving Towards High Resolution Land Cover Mapping: The Future of NOAA’s Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP)
  • Gi-Choul Ahn, Raoul Comaduran, Michael Ewald (Snohomish County PW & PDS)
    Landslide Hazard Areas Modeled with ArcGIS/Python
  • Jon Greninger (Snohomish County PW)
    Cascadia Rising Emergency Drill, WISE, and Lessons Learned
  • Conference Attendees
    ESRI UC 2016 Highlights, Impressions, and Lightning Observations


June 24, 2016 – City of Bellingham, Council Chambers 

 Agenda    –    MAP*   –    google

  • STORY MAP Extravaganza – presented by:
    • Suzanne Shull
    • Mary Anderson
    • Wendy Buffett
    • Susan Wilhoft
    • Chris Behee
    • Kate Newell
    • Stefan Freelan
    • Lopa Dasgupta
    • Katie Gaut

Location:  Bellingham City Hall, Council Chambers, 210 Lottie Street, Bellingham

*parking note: parking in the “Lettered Streets” surrounding the downtown area is free
*                          parking near city hall is metered and limited to 2 hours


Mar. 18, 2016 – Padilla Bay, Breazeala Interpretive Center 

 Agenda    –    Map     –     Directions

  • Tim Hyatt (Skagit River System Cooperative)
    A Recent Topographic history of the Blake’s Levee Site, North Fork Skagit River
  • Joshua Greenberg (TSkagit County GIS)
    Use of PhoDar to Monitor Riparian Change in Agricultural Zones